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RCC Writing has developed a massive number of white papers and other materials to help major organizations establish and reconfirm their thought leadership in terms of current market trends, long-term economic developments, regulatory changes, emerging business models, product innovations and other key industry topics.


Industry Areas

Aerospace and Defense




  • Adapt, Survive and Thrive in Turbulent Times: The Aerospace and Defense industry's response to the economic downturn
  • The Global Importance of New Ethical Guidelines Developed by the Aerospace and Defense Industry
  • Target Operating Models, Point of View: Transformation in the Aerospace and Defense Industry



  • A Rough Road: The Effects of Today's Financial Crisis on the Global Automotive industry
  • A Rough Road Continues: Update on the current crisis in the global automotive industry
  • Cost and Working Capital in the Automotive Industry
  • Cost Optimization: An Automotive Perspective
  • The Auto Industry in Crisis: Services for Dealers and OEMs
  • Distressed Suppliers: An Approach to Rapid Risk Recovery
  • Momentum: The Turkish Automotive Industry
  • Sector Outlook: Automotive



  • The Future of the European Chemicals Industry
  • US Chemical Industry Outlook
  • The Outlook for the Japanese Chemical Industry
  • Chemicals and Construction: Building a Future Together
  • The Growing Importance of Agrochemicals
  • Automotive Chemicals and Plastics: On the Road to Innovation
  • India: A Rising Force in Global Chemicals
  • Sustainability: Where Next After Copenhagen?
  • Brazil: A Sustainable Industry Model for the 21st Century
  • Water Scarcity: What Chemical Companies Need to Know
  • Canada Builds A Responsible Strategy for Success
  • Global M&A: Shifting the Global Chemical Industry Balance



  • Global Risk-Shifting in Mega Construction Projects: Have the Tables Turned?



  • Commodity price inflation: Risks and opportunities for the food, drink & consumer goods industry
  • Restaurant Share Forum Recap
  • Sustainability and Today's Global Consumer Markets
  • Credit crisis Retail, KPMG briefing
  • Cost Optimization for Today's Food, Drink and Consumer Goods Manufacturers



  • The Tablet: The Impact of Comparative Effectiveness Research on the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Target Operating Models, Point of View: Transformation in the Healthcare Industry
  • IBM Healthcare Payor WebSphere
  • Credant The HITECH Act: Raising the Compliance Bar for HIPAA
  • ClearCube Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  • Luminex Robotics Systems for Blood Testing
  • Fiserv Healthcare Services


Information Technology

  • The Intelligent Enterprise A Coordinated Approach to Financial Information Management
  • KPMG Implementation Services
  • Translate Business Strategy to Reality With Oracle and KPMG Oracle Implementation Services



  • Target Operating Models, Point of View: Transformation in the Financial Services Industry
  • Banking and Finance: Key Services
  • Mortgage and Consumer Lending Services
  • Mortgage Servicing and Default Management
  • New Accounting Standards for Real Estate Investment and Development
  • Tax Benchmarking Survey and Report
  • Simplifying the Complex World of Tax



  • State of Steel: Expectations for the industry in today's economic context
  • What's Ahead for the Metals Industry?
  • The State of the Global Steel Industry
  • Demand for Platinum Metals in the Automotive Industry: Recent Changes and Future Trends
  • Mergers & Acquisitions in the Mining Industry
  • The cause and effect of high steel prices on buyers and sellers


Oil and Gas

  • Recent developments in the oil and gas industry
  • KPMG Global Energy Conference Recap: 2004-2007 - all keynotes and track sections
  • KPMG Global Energy Conference Recap: 2008-2018 - keynotes and selected track sessions
  • The Future of the European Refining Industry
  • Key Issues for Rising National Oil Companies
  • Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management for the Energy and Natural Resources Sector
  • At the Crossroads: Central and Eastern Europe and the Security of Natural Gas Supplies to the European Union
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Today's Global Refining Industry
  • Oil and Gas Tax Sector Bulletin
  • Energy & Natural Resources: Power & Utilities Tax Sector Bulletin
  • Power and Utilities Sector Outlook
  • Oil and Gas Sector Outlook
  • Achieving Business Performance While Mitigating Business Risks
  • Sector Outlooks: Oil & Gas and Utilities



  • The Tablet: The Impact of Comparative Effectiveness Research on the Pharmaceutical Industry



  • Energy Companies Assess Renewables Bubble
  • The potential of solar power
  • Update on renewable energy and investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe


Business Services




  • Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management for Diversified Industries
  • KPMG TaxWatch web copy



  • Risk Management and the Transition of Projects to "Business as Usual"
  • All To Play For Post Deal Success for Diversified Industrials in Today's Volatile Economy
  • Recent Trends in Working Capital Performance for Diversified Industrials
  • The Effect of Changing Wage Costs on the Attractiveness of Low Cost Countries
  • Cost Optimisation for the Credit Crunch
  • Controlling Inventory: Liabilities for Diversified Industrials
  • Dealing With a Supplier Risk in Tough Times
  • Controlling Inventory Liabilities for Diversified Industrials
  • Risk Management for the Supplier Base and Outsourcing
  • Legal Entity Rationalization for Diversified Industrials
  • R&D: A Joint Tax and Performance Optimization Approach for Diversified Industrials
  • Risk Management for Outsourcing
  • Strategies to Help Vendors Optimize Their Long-term Global Contracts



  • The Impact of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) on Diversified Industrials
  • FIN 48 Compliance, Energy & Natural Resources