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Why choose RCC Writing?

Start with over 20 years of experience as an award-winning, hi-tech business writer, including —
11 years at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, New York City.
     – Creative team leader
     – Senior copywriter on the IBM account

17 years as the principal of RCC Writing.
Communications leader at four hi-tech startups.
Three years as a hi-tech trade magazine editor.

With a background like this, I can deliver solid benefits for you and your organization: 

1. Writing excellence
I don’t write snappy jingles. I can’t sell perfume. But if you need a first-class writer for B2B marketing, you won’t find anyone with better credentials.

Over the years, I’ve created award-winning campaigns for small businesses, hi-tech startups, and Fortune 500 companies. As a B2B specialist, I understand the tone and style appropriate for business communications. As a former English instructor, I understand the right usage and grammar for every sentence.

I’ve been a trade magazine editor and reporter. I’ve taught writing at the University of California at Berkeley, New York University, and at workshops and seminars across the country. I’m the writer who teaches the teachers. The editor who edits the editors.

In short, I’m a professional wordsmith, through and through. I’ve made millions of dollars for B2B companies, and I can help your company the same way.

2. In-depth industry understanding

As Will Rogers used to say, I never met an industry I didn’t like.

I can plow through extremely complex subjects ... cut to the essentials ... then generate communications that are razor sharp, to the point, and precisely targeted. I ask a lot of dumb questions, learn fast, and never assume that my audience knows anything more than they should.

3. Worldclass business background
In New York, I was senior copywriter on the IBM account at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. I studied design, advertising, and marketing with the best in the business. I worked on campaigns that literally helped change the direction of the IT industry around the world (as well as the stock prices of hundreds of companies).

I’ve also built from scratch the entire marketing communications for four hi-tech startups, handling everything from business cards to product launches.  

All that valuable experience is yours when I help you with your communications. I know how to scramble and get things out the door, but I also understand the complex world of international corporate communications. You get big-agency writing quality but without the big-agency cost.

4. Service excellence
With RCC Writing, you won't be passed off to an intern after the initial meeting and all the fanfare has died down. I'm the man. I answer the telephone ... write the copy ... work with designers ... and lovingly shepherd each project along, from the first phone call to final metrics that measure the project’s success.

I’m also not afraid to go that extra mile. Naturally, we all want projects to proceed at an orderly pace. But if you find yourself in crunch time, I’ll be right beside you, working nights and weekends to Make It Happen.  

... So Let’s Do Business

If you've read what I've written so far, then I can probably grab your clients' attention as well. Give me a call at 512-300-0842 or send me an e-mail today.